Effective March 1, 2005

We are a small "mom & pop" operation who are undertaking this project as a pure labor of love.  We do not
have many formal procedures and no staff to speak of.  Therefore, all sales are final.  There are no refunds
or returns.  Since we hand pack every shipment, we maintain very high standards and do not ship
damaged magnets.  However, if your magnets are damaged during shipping, we are happy to replace
them PROMPTLY and at no additional charge.

Alternate Ordering Options
We use Yahoo's Small Business E-Commerce platform because it is highly secure (and really simple to
setup).  However, if you are uncomfortable entering your credit card information online, we can make
arrangements to receive your order via fax, phone or postal mail.  Please contact us at if
you'd rather place your orders this way.  The only downside is that it will take 1-2 days more to process.

Please DO NOT EVER send any credit card information by email as it is a very insecure channel.

Shipping Details
We ship everything via the US Postal Service.  Deliveries of 50+ magnets will require a signature.  
Therefore, we cannot ship to PO boxes.

If you require special shipping accommodations, please contact us at BEFORE you
place your order.
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